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Episode 1x02 - Wendigo


Dean and Sam travel to Colorado following the coordinates left for Dean in their father's notebook. On their arrival, they find that three boys went camping in the area and haven't been heard from in three days.
Digging back through the area's history, they find that, at 23 year intervals since at least 1936, campers and hikers have been going missing and never found.
Teaming up with the sister of one of the missing boys, Haley, and a seasoned hunter, Roy, they head out into the wilderness to find, and hopefully stop, whatever it is that's been taking (and most likely killing) people.
Once out in the woods, the method of attack and the creature's ability to mimic human voices gives the boys reason to believe that it's a Wendigo.

Facts & Figures.
April, 2004 - Two hikers go missing. (Never found.)
1982 - Eight people go missing. Presumed Grizzly attack.

Disappearances every 23 years.

One survivor in 1959. A child. Both parents died.

Blackwater Ridge, Lost Creek, Colorado
Palo Alto, California (Burial place of Jessica)
Grand Junction, Colorado


Monster of the Week.

From the Cree Indian word meaning 'Evil that devours'.
They're over 100 years old. Each one was once a man... sometimes an Indian, or a frontiersman, miner, or hunter.
The way they become Wendigo's is almost always the same. During a harsh winter, they find themselves starving, cut off from supplies, etc., and resort to eating members of their tribe or party to survive.
Cultures all over the world believe that eating human flesh can give one certain abilities: speed, strength, immortality. They eat it regularly and lose their humanity, become a 'thing' instead of a 'man.'

Can mimic human voices.
Big claws.
Very Smart.
Perfect hunter.
Will hunt you down and eat you alive.
Good hunter in the day, unbelievable hunter at night.
Incredibly strong.
Keeps victims alive while it's awake so it can eat when it wants. Usually somewhere dark, hidden and safe.

The only way to kill a Wendigo is to burn it. (Molotov. Flare Guns.)

Anasazi symbols for protection.

Normally found in the Minnesota woods or East Michigan

Found in John Winchester's notebook.

Referenced creatures:
Black Dog.

Similar To:
Eugene Victor Tooms, X-Files. (Mutant human who hibernates and resurfaces at regular intervals.)

20 years since last appearance of the demon that killed Mary Winchester.

Horror Movie Clichés.
Grizzly Bear used as an excuse to cover up the work of a supernatural being.
Redshirts. Only survivor is linked directly to supporting character.
Native American iconography.

Pop Culture References.

Yogi B. Bear.
The Donner Party.
Hansel & Gretel. (Dean's M&M's)
Carrie. (The hand from the grave.)

(Thanks to: beluga.)


Dean: Dude, check out the size of this friggin' bear.

Ranger: You boys aren't planning on going out near Blackwater Ridge, are you?
Sam: No, sir. We're environmental study majors from UC Boulder. Just working on a paper.
Dean: Recycle, man.

Dean: Spirits and demons don't have to unlock doors if they want inside. They just go through the walls.
Sam: So it's probably something else. Something corporeal.
Dean: Corporeal? Excuse me, Professor.
Sam: Shut up!

Roy: You're Rangers?
Dean: That's right.
Haley: And you're hiking out in biker boots and jeans?
Dean: Oh, sweetheart, I don't do shorts.

Dean: So, Roy, seems you've done a little hunting.
Roy: Mhm. More than a little.
Dean: What kind of furry critters do you hunt?
Roy: Mostly buck, sometimes bear.
Dean: Tell me... Do Bambi or Yogi ever hunt you back?

Haley: You didn't pack any provisions. You guys are carrying a duffel bag. You're not Rangers, so who the hell are you?
[A look passes between Dean and Sam]
Dean: Sam and I are brothers... and we're looking for hour father. He might be here, we don't know. I just figured that you and me? We're in the same boat.
Haley: Why didn't you just tell me that from the start?
Dean: I'm telling you now! 'Sides, that's probably the most honest I've ever been with a woman ... ever.

Dean: You want to tell me what's going on in that freaky head of yours?
Sam: Dean...
Dean: No, you're not fine. You're like a powderkeg, man. It's not like you. I'm supposed to be the belligerent one, remember?

Sam: How do you do it? How does Dad do it?
Dean: For one, them. [gestures at Haley and her brother] I figure our family's so screwed to hell that maybe we can help some others. Makes things a little bit more bearable. [Pause] I'll tell you what else helps... Killing as many evil son's of bitches as I can.

[A human voice is screaming for help in the woods.]
Dean: Stay calm. Stay put.
Roy: Inside the magic circle?

Sam: Well, we have half a chance in the daylight. And I, for one, want to kill this evil son of a bitch.
Dean: Hell, you know I'm in.

Dean: Looks like someone's home for supper.
Haley: We'll never outrun it.
Dean: [to Sam] You thinking what I'm thinking?
Sam: Yeah, I think so...
Dean: [runs off shouting] it's jump time, you freaky bastard! Yeah, that's right! Bring it on, Baby! I taste good!

Dean: [still shouting] Hey! You want some white meat, bitch?!

Haley: So, really, I don't know how to thank you...
Dean: [smirks suggestively]
Haley: Must you cheapen the moment?
Dean: Yeah!

Dean: Man, I hate camping.
Sam: Me, too.
Dean: You know we're going to find Dad, right?
Sam: Yeah, I do. But in the meantime? I'm driving.

Useful Links.

Wendigo in Wikipedia. (Mentions Supernatural in The Wendigo in Film and Television.)


Back on the road one week after Jessica's death.

Sam has the opportunity to drive Dean's car twice.
- Dean asks Sam if he wants to drive after he wakes up from the nightmare.
- At the end, Sam tells Dean he's going to drive.

The (photocopied) newspaper used in the bar scene is the Lost Creek Gazette, late edition, published Monday, August (date not visible).

(Thanks to: beluga, darkhavens.)


Full Name: Jessica Lee Moore
Born: January 24th, 1984.
Died: November 2nd, 2005. Buried in Palo Alto, California.

(Thanks to: beluga)

Dean's Mix Tape.
05:30 Hot Blooded - Foreigner
42:00 Fly By Night - Rush

(Thanks to: beluga.)

Dean's ID Fraud.
Enviromental study majors from University of Colorado, Boulder. (Although Sam refers to it as 'UC Boulder', the campus is actually called CU-Boulder.)
Lost Creek National Forest Ranger - Samuel Cole

(Thanks to: beluga.)

Sam's Laptop Decorations.
Top: Mirrored tribal pattern and centred skull and crossbones motif.
Interior: Skull & Crossbones.
Desktop: A photo of a metal chest decorated with at least one skull, and on the right, leaning against the chest, is an upturned skateboard, again with a skull decoration, this one complete with funky teeth, spiky hair, and what looks like a dagger through the temple.
Type: Dell. Inspiron 6000 model.

(Thanks to: darkhavens, elenlita.)

Dean's Car's Numberplate

See comments for specifics.

Thanks to:
beluga: One, Two.
darkhavens: One, Two.
elenlita: One.
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