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Episode 1x08 - Bugs


Dean and Sam read about a Gas Company employee in Oasis Plains, Oklahoma supposedly dying of Creutzfeldt-Jakob (Human Mad Cow Disease) and, given the fact that the man died within an hour (and not years as the degeneration usually takes) and decide to check it out.
Arriving in Oklahoma, they find the location is a small, deep hole in the middle of a new housing estate. There are no indications of what killed the man, except for one single beetle.
Checking out the area, they make themselves known to the developer of the estate (who automatically assumes that they're gay) and learn that the man's son is fond of insects.

[It's late. I forgot to do the plot write-up as I was going. I'm working on it. Or you can work on it. I don't like this episode.]

Facts & Figures.

Death Count:
Dustin Burwash
Oasis Plains Surveyor. (1 Year Ago.)
Lynda Bloome.

Larry Pike. Joan Pike. Matthew Pike.

Oasis Plains, Oklahoma
Sepulpa, Oklahoma


Monster of the Week.

No monster. Indian Curse.


On the night the moon and the sun shared the sky as equals the calvary first raided our village. They murdered, raped. The next day, the calvary came again, and the next, and the next. And on the sixth night, the calvary came one last time and, by the time the sun rose, every man, woman and child still in the village was dead. They say that on the sixth night, the chief of the village lay dying, he whispered to the heavens that no white man would ever tarnish this land again; Nature would rise up and protect the valley and it would bring as many days of misery and death to the white man as the calvary had brought upon his people. And on the night of the sixth day, none would survive.

170 year old Native American bones.
Uchee Tribe in Sepulpa

Deaths caused by:
Bee attack.

Referenced Creatures.


Similar To:
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer [Episode: Pangs.]

Horror Movie Clichés.

Indian Burial Ground/Indian Curse
"Hauntings sometimes include bug manifestations."
Attack in the shower.
Rubber spiders.
Wise, old Indian.
Bad CG insects.

Pop Culture References.

Timmy and Lassie.
The Munsters. [Marilyn Munster - The Blonde Chick.]


Sam: Gas Company Employee, Dustin Burwash, supposedly died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob.
Dean: ... Huh?
Sam: Human Mad Cow Disease
Dean: Mad Cow... wasn't that on Oprah?
Sam: ... You watch Oprah?

[looking down into a big hole]
Dean: Looks like there's only room for one. You wanna flip a coin?
Sam: Dean, we have no idea what's down there.
Dean: Alright, I'll go if you're scared. You scared?
Sam: Flip the damn coin!

Dean: So you found some beetles. In a hole. In the ground... That's shocking, Sam.

Dean: Growing up in a place like this'd freak me out.
Sam: Why?
Dean: The manicured lawns and How was your day, Honey?... I'd blow my brains out.

Larry Pike: Welcome!
Dean: This the BBQ?

Larry: So you two are interested in Oasis Plains?
Dean: Yes, sir.
Larry: Let me just say we accept homeowners of any race, religion, colour, or... sexual orientation.
Dean: ... We're brothers.
Sam: Our father is getting on in years and we're just looking for a place for him.
Larry: ... Great. Great! Well, Seniors are welcome, too.

Lynda Bloome: I take it you two are interested in becoming homeowners?
Dean: Well...
Sam: Yeah...
Lynda: Well, let me just say we accept homeowners of any race, religion, colour, or... sexual orientation.
Dean: Right. Ah. I'm gonna go talk to Larry. [to Sam] Okay, Honey? [pats Sam's arse]

Sam: We're gonna squat in an empty house?
Dean: Yeah, I wanna try out the steam shower.

Matt Pike: Hello?
Sam: [into phone] Matt, it's Sam.
Matt: Sam, my backyard is crawling with cockroaches.
Sam: Matt, just listen. You have to get your family out of the house right now, okay?
Matt: What? Why?
Sam: Because something's coming.
Matt: More bugs.
Sam: Yeah. A lot more.
Matt: My dad doesn't listen in the best of circumstances. What am I supposed to tell him?
Sam: You've gotta make him listen, okay?
Dean: Gimme the phone. Give me the phone! [into phone] Matt! Under no circumstances are you to tell the truth. He'll just think you're nuts.
Matt: But he's my-
Dean: Tell him you have a sharp pain in your right side and you need to go to the hospital, okay?
Matt: Yeah. Yeah, okay. [hangs up]
Dean: [eyes Sam] ... Make him listen? What're you thinking?

Useful Links.


Dean and Sam's relationships with their father are revealed as being very different. Sam had the rocky relationship with John because he was relatively normal. Dean's roguish nature, on the other hand, made him a model son. They don't see eye-to-eye on this.

Dean's Mix Tape.

04:44 Rock of Ages - Def Leppard
06:03 ?? -?? (Instrumental?)
13:55 As above?
22:35 ?? - ??
41:50 ?? - ??

(Thanks to: beluga.)

Dean's ID Fraud.
Dean and Sam also present themselves as nephews of Dustin Burwash. (The Gas Company employee.)
Students in an Anthropology Class.
Oklahoma Gas & Power - Travis Weaver.

(Thanks to: beluga, stimpson.)

Continuity Errors.
The bugs attack shortly after midnight, but they're only under siege in the house for a short time before sunrise.

See comments for specifics.

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stimpson: One.
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