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How It Works

1. Posting access is closed to the moderators to save your friendslist from an unnecessary deluge. (Don't ask for posting privileges. You won't get them.)

2. There will be a single post for each episode from the marywinchester journal. Each post will contain information about the relevant topics. Example:
Horror Movie Clichés.
Pop Culture References.
Useful Links.
[More to be added as necessary].

3. Information will be gathered both from the episodes and from member contributions through the comments. (Credit will be given in instances of the latter.)

4. There will be a separate post for spoilers from upcoming episodes and there WILL be spoilers for all episodes that have been aired in the United States. All details regarding episodes will be posted behind a cut. So, don't get your knickers in a twist if you read them. You have been warned.

5. One of the moderators (packyrsuitcases and antheia) will post an update once a week (day to be determined) about what's happening in the active episode posts.
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