Mary Winchester (marywinchester) wrote in chickchesters,
Mary Winchester

Discussion Topic #6

Was the Shtriga Dean's secret from Bloody Mary?

Everyone into the pool! Rules are the same as they always are.

(A quick FYI - we're sensing that the polls are getting tiresome, so we're revising the system for picking a topic.)
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I've got a tough time with that idea. Dean was carrying a lot of shame and guilt around, and it's possible the kids in that town still died after the Shtriga disappeared, so it would at least nominally qualify as something Mary would care about. Even so, John knew all about it pretty much as soon as it happened, so even though it wasn't ever discussed, I'm not sure it would qualify as a secret.
But the boys knew about that girl's secret and they acted like Mary was still going to get her. I don't think it's so much about the secretive part as the guilt/shame part.

Although, it could just be a how-many-people-have-to-know-before-it's-not-a-secret-anymore thing.
But they didn't find out about Charli's secret until *after* Bloody Mary had been summoned and targeted her. And I don't think Dean actually knew the Shtriga had returned to cause mayhem until they got there. Knew it got away, that John had lost it...but not that any one had died as a result.
I think this discussion brings up an intresting question. How exactly did Bloody Mary choose her victims?

- They need a secret that only they know.
- Someone had to die.
- Bloody Mary needed to be summoned by someone calling her name three times to attack the victim.

But did the Bloody Mary's victims need to know that they caused a death? Did they need to feel remorse or guilt?
I think Dean has a lot more regrets that would call to Bloody Mary than the Shtriga. A lot more.
Ditto to that. Even if the Shtriga qualifies, I'm sure it's not the only secret Dean's been carrying around.
I'd say no. Bloody Mary went after people who had a secret that no one knew about that involved one or more deaths. First of all, it's not clear that Dean's actions as a child actually lead to the death of other children. Second of all, it's not a secret because John knows about it.
Revision: Dean's actions probably did lead to the death of the other children who were sick Fort Douglas.
Chiming in with "no". John knew, so it wasn't exactly a secret.

Now, does that secret have something to do with the amulet Dean wears? That's food for thought. ^_^